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Lenze VFDs – Simply Indespensable

Whereas inverter applications are extremely varied, Lenze’s precisely tailored and uniform product range is much easier to handle. A range tailored to meet your exact needs– from basic movements and positioning tasks to servo applications. Lenze’s devices are reliable, meet strict quality requirements and can be easily adapted to suit your specific requirements.

  • Simple and Versatile - Easy to Operate
  • Availanle in Single and Three Phase - Industry Oriented
  • Overload upto 200% - Robust and application friendly Available with IP 65
  • Electronic Programming Module - Reduces Downtime on commissioning for duplicate systems
  • On Board PID controller with energy saving Sleep Mode Functions

  •  Inverter Drives 8400 (0.25-15 kw) Lenze’s new family of scalable frequency inverters. Three versions are tailored to simple applications, to more demanding tasks including interfaces for automation, or to applications with positioning.
  • 8200 vector frequency inverters (0.25-90kw) With its precise vector control, a broad software scope and an extensive range of options for fieldbus networking this proven all rounder can be used in all machine and system automation applications.
  •   9300 vector frequency inverters ( 0.37-400 kw) The inverter with open and closed loop operation for demanding applications.  Freely interconnectable function blocks mean that  additional open-loop and closed-loop functions can be performed by the inverter, as well as the drive task itself.
  • smd frequency inverters (0-25-22kw) Compact and ideal for simple applications, Commissioning couldn’t be easier- all you need are three integrated buttons and a handful of parameters.
  •   SMVector frequency inverter (0.25-22kw) The simple vector inverter with a pluggable memory chip and versatile network via fieldbus. The design offers high degrees of protection, which allows the use outside a control cabinet.