Authorized Distributors for SIEMENS, CG Motors, Marathon and Finolex Cables

Marathon is the largest Manufacturer of Electric motors in India (with factories located at Faridabad and Kolkata) with a highest direct export Business to Middle East and Europe as compared to any Indian Motor Manufacturer. Erstwhile GEC – Alstom (3 Phase) and General Electric (GE – Single Phase) now Marathon Electric is a part of Regal Group with a Global Presence and Indian Continent Business being Rs 800+ Crores.

Marathon has an entire basket of Electric Motors to suit any of your requirement ranging from a smallest motor in Single Phase of 15W to 1.5MW in LT range extended upto 4MW in HT Range. They also have wide range of Application Specific Motors including Flame Proof Motors (available with DGMS approvals also), with Gas Group I, IIA, IIB, IIC (with ATEX, PESO approvals), IE3 efficiency motors, IEC stainless steel body motors (used in pharma, food processing applications), NEMA FLP, IE4 (PMSM + IM), Smoke Spill Motors etc. in their range.

Marathon also have in their range 3 Phase Motors “Energy Star Motors” which stand distinctly superior against any of the 3 Phase Electric Motors currently available in Indian Market. They are Powder Coated with Electrically the best of the Efficiency and Power factor figures as compared to any Branded Motor in Indian Market which suits your standard motor requirement.

Marathon Product Range :

  • SR Crane Duty Motors
  • SC Flame Proof Motors
  • PTSC / SR Motors
  • S R Continuous Duty Motors
  • Standard, IE2, IE3 and Brake Motors